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Want to participate in Movemeber but can’t grow a respectable 'stash?

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All of the proceeds from the Movember Moustashe Necklace sales go directly to the Movember Foundation, prostate cancer research, and survivorship programs.


Want to participate in Movemeber but can’t grow a respectable stash? This is the perfect way for individuals of all genetics backgrounds to participate in the great charitable movement of Movemeber.

During the month of November men grow moustaches in order to raise funds and awareness for men's health, specifically prostate cancer and male mental health initiatives.

Since its humble beginnings in Melbourne Australia, Movember has grown to become a truly global movement inspiring more than 1.9 Million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas to participate with formal campaigns in Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, the UK, South Africa, Ireland, Finland, the Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Belgium and the Czech Republic. 

Just last year in 2011, over 854,000 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas around the world got on board, raising $125.7 million

For more information on the programs we are funding please visit the following:

Prostate Cancer Canada
Awareness & Education
Global Action Plan
Canadian Male Health Network


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